Let’s Make Money: 8 Ways To Turn Social Media Traffic Into Sales

Social media sales are the new craze for marketing specialists all over the world. Contrary to an outdated belief, social media sales can be profitable for any industry — doesn’t matter if your target audience is millennials or generation X, schoolers or huge business owners, fixers or college professors. Considering the fact that there are about 3 billion active social media users worldwide, can you really say that there are no people who would like

Social Media Drives Revenue

Eventbrite has put together this infographic from the social commerce report, providing insight into social commerce and the value of a fan or follower. One note – all figures are represented in US dollars. As social networks continue to gain traction at incredible speeds, many corporations and small businesses are investing heavily in building communities online, and grasping for ways to measure the impact of this investment. In 2010, Eventbrite was the first company to