Your Social Media Crisis Response Is Hurting Your Profession

There was no shortage of social media activity during the recent tragic events in Boston. Your Facebook and Twitter streams were overloaded with content referencing the minute-by-minute unfolding events. In fact, much of it would not make sense out of context. There is also no shortage of social media marketing brand managers who have chimed in on best practices during a crisis. Stacy Wescoe writes: “I had to stop myself and say, ‘No, people don’t

Tragedy and Social Media

Many of you don’t know me personally, but I was actually raised in Newtown, Connecticut. It’s an amazing little town that has grown dramatically but not changed very much since I lived there. When I was young, we used to have to see the movies at City Hall, visit the Blue Colony Diner for ice cream, and go to St. Rose of Lima Church on Sundays. The community was self-reliant… my Dad was even on

Am I an A**hole?

Am I an a**hole? Readers of my blog typically stick up for me and speak to the respect, passion and compassion I try to provide through my blog. It’s definitely a persona that I project and one that I try to work to perfect each day. Blog posts have the advantage of pre-planning (although in the past, I have been pretty blunt), but real-life doesn’t quite work that way. I’ve always had a voracious appetite