10 Differences Between Classic and Social Media Marketing

On his marketing blog, Robert Weller summarized the 10 main differences between classic and social media marketing from Thomas Schenke’s book Social Media Marketing und Recht in this infographic. The list is comprehensive, providing the advantages of speed, structure, permanence, platforms, legality, direction, and communicative properties. There are many traditional marketing directors working in corporations these days that still don’t recognize the differences nor understand the advantages – hopefully this infographic helps pinpoint the key

Corporate Blogging: The Rap Song

We love SeanieMic, a parody rapper that’s done a ton of fantastic cuts. His songs have made it viral all over the web, so we asked him to spit some rhymze about our book, Corporate Blogging for Dummies. Seanie nailed it! With nothing but an autographed copy of the book in his hand, we raised a beer and a few days later had a masterpiece! If you’ve read the book, you’re going to love this…