PLANOLY: Meeting The Planning Needs of Social Video Managers

Many organizations are shifting gears to take a video-first approach to social content. Why? Video generates 1200% more shares than image-based and text-based content. WordStream – 75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics This change may be lucrative for some, but others might struggle with algorithm updates, as well as staying on top of trends in a fast-paced environment, and organizing and managing content across numerous platforms.  Too many good ideas have been left behind because there

How To Drive More Traffic And Conversions From Social Media

Social media is a great way to generate traffic and brand awareness but it is not so easy for instant conversions or lead generation. Inherently, social media platforms are tough for marketing because people use social media to get entertained and distracted from work. They may not be too willing to think about their business, even if they are decision-makers. Here are a few ways to drive traffic and convert it into conversions, sales, and

How To Build An Authentic Brand

The leading marketing gurus of the world express it in different ways, but all agree that the current market is ripe with theories, cases, and success stories centred on human brands. The key words within this growing market are authentic marketing and human brands. Different Generations: One Voice Philip Kotler, one of the Grand Old Men of marketing, dubs the phenomenon Marketing 3.0. In his book with the same name, he refers to marketing managers and communicators who have “the

Grow Your E-Commerce Sales With This List of Creative Marketing Ideas

We’ve written before about the features and functionality that are critical to your e-commerce website building awareness, adoption, and growing sales with this e-commerce features checklist. There are also some critical steps that you should take when launching your e-commerce strategy. Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Checklist Make an amazing first impression with a beautiful site that’s targeted to your buyers. Visuals matter so invest in photos and videos that best represent your products. Simplify your site’s navigation to focus