Cobia Systems: Fully Automated Social Media and Syndication

Reading Time: 3 minutes The marketing world has abundantly changed with the age of digital resources and social media. With the deluge of solutions available today, resources for professionals to assert more influence are at an all-time high. Many tools offer resources and services for business, but the one thing they do not offer is a system that helps you find your customers the moment they indicate a need. Cobia Systems has developed a system geared to change the

newBrandAnalytics launches Pulse, Real-Time Social Intelligence

Reading Time: 2 minutes newBrandAnalytics (nBA) has launched Pulse, a cloud-based platform that helps customers like McDonald’s, David’s Bridal, DICK’s Sporting Goods and Subway gain real-time visibility into trending topics and conversations that impact their brand and product perception. Pulse includes social listening software that gathers individual comments and conversations, provides trending data and allows the brand to react in real-time. Pulse has three definitive features: Early detection and warning system – Pulse automatically sends an alert to identify

Are You Listening?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever took the time to reach out to a brand or company online to report a customer service issue or an issue with the product or service? Have you ever been disappointed when the brand or company simply didn’t respond to your request? The request that you took time to make? Let’s face it – we’re all busy and life gets in the way of social media sometimes. But it is also [some

Free Ebook: Listen Up! Social Listening for Smarter Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do they really like you? It’s not so hard to find out these days. Social listening is arguably the most significant technology to hit marketing since social media itself. Those of us with a traditional marketing background remember the days when understanding who your customer was and what they thought of you required polls, focus groups, and/or outsourcing tedious research to another firm, all of which took a lot more time and money than we

Source Metrics: Social Marketing Optimization and Analytics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Source Metrics has announced its Social Media Inbox. This new feature is unlike other tools as it offers actionable detailed information as it happens rather than high-level business intelligence in weekly or monthly reports, and allows marketers to distill 1000s of daily mentions down to about 20 of the most important actionable mentions according to following. The Social Media Inbox lets online marketers quickly identify what’s being said about their brands across digital media and