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  • Sales EnablementB2B Lead Generation Sources

    Four Sources for Finding New B2B Sales

    There are at least four major sources at your disposal where you can focus your B2B sales efforts to increase your revenues. They are … Your existing customers Other people who you already know but that you don’t presently do business with People that others know but who you do not Folks that you presently have absolutely no connection to…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingTypes of Digital Marketers

    30+ Areas Of Focus For Digital Marketers In 2023

    Just as the number of solutions in digital marketing continues to skyrocket in growth, so do the areas of focus of digital marketers. I’ve always been appreciative of the challenges our industry brings, and not a day goes by that I’m not researching and learning about new strategies, techniques, and technologies. I’m not sure that it’s possible to be a…

  • Advertising Technology

    3 Tips to Clarify the Confusion of Marketing to Millennials

    What actually is a millennial? That’s a common question being asked around the world. To some, this demographic is the unmotivated, lazy and unpredictable. To Odyssey, we see them as motivated, self­aware and pretty predictable. Certain generations have always been boxed into certain stereotypes and the initiatives to get their attention can be off base.The millennial generation is no different,…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    Why Snapchat is changing digital marketing

    Why Snapchat is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

    The numbers are impressive. #Snapchat boasts over 100 million daily active users and over 10 billion daily video views, per internal data. The social network is becoming a key player in the future of digital marketing. Since its launch in 2011 this ephemeral network has grown rapidly, especially among the digital native generation of mobile-only users. It is an in-your-face, intimate…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketingello questions

    The Questions That Aren’t Being Asked About Ello

    I’m sure someone is asking these questions, but I’m going to take a stab at it anyways because I haven’t found them. I joined Ello quite early – thanks to my friend and fellow marketing tech addict, Kevin Mullett. Immediately, within the small network I roamed and discovered some amazing people that I had never met before. We began sharing…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketingrefresh app

    If You’re in Sales or Marketing, Get Refresh Now!

    It happens every week. I get an email from a vendor or prospect and we work together a date to talk. I check out their site and see whether or not it’s a fit. I might even connect with them on LinkedIn to learn a bit more about them. The date is set, the calendar invite is accepted and I…

  • Content MarketingDepositphotos 2747718 s

    The Hidden Lessons of Google and Facebook

    A few years ago, I was strung out on SEO. I’m not kidding… the traffic that Google was sending our blog kept me up at night, writing, tweaking, writing, tweaking, writing. I was chasing the algorithm, my competition, and it was driving every decision that I had with the blog. I was able to squeeze more and more visits, incrementally,…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketingcollaboration

    The State of Online Collaboration

    The world is changing. The global market, off-shoring, remote workers… all of these growing issues are hitting the workplace and requiring the tools that go with them. Within our own agency, we use Mindjet (our client) for mindmapping and process flows, Yammer for dialogue, and Basecamp as our online work repository. From Clinked’s Infographic, The State of Online Collaboration: Our…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketinggroups logo

    GROU.PS: Establish Your Own Social Network

    UPDATE: It appears that significant reports of issues have been reported for GROU.PS. Thanks to one of our readers for bringing it to my attention. If you’re looking to launch your own niche social network for customers or a specific community, your options are to spend a lot of money on development or you could utilize any number of social…

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