What Is The Impact of Social Media Marketing?

What is social media marketing? I know that sounds like an elementary question, but it really does deserve some discussion. There are several dimensions to a great social media marketing strategy as well as its intertwined relationship to other channel strategies like content, search, email and mobile. Let’s go back to the definition of marketing. Marketing is the action or business of researching, planning, executing, promoting and selling products or services. Social media is a

Upstream, Upselling, and Downstream Marketing Opportunities For Business Growth

If you asked most people where they find their audience, you’ll often get a very narrow response. Most advertising and marketing activity is associated with the vendor selection of the buyer’s journey… but is that already too late? If you’re a digital transformation consultation firm; for example, you may fill out all the details in a spreadsheet by only viewing your current prospects and limiting yourself to the strategies you’re proficient at. You might do

Bizzabo: Power Your In-Person and Virtual Events on a Single Platform

Bizzabo is an event success platform that provides your team with all the tools they need to create rewarding events while surfacing insights to help your events grow in ways you never thought were possible. Bizzabo Event Platform Features Bizzabo’s all-in-one event software enables in-person and virtual events to deliver unique attendee experiences through intelligent and intent-based personalized engagement. Event Registration – fully orchestrate your visitor to attendee experience with enriched and stunning forms, multiple

The Value of a Connector versus the Influencer

We continue to struggle within the influencer industry with vanity metrics and high numbers. I’ve been critical of the industry since its inception in social media that most metrics and platforms don’t actually measure influence, they just measure the size of the network, audience, or community. I personally have a very large network… so much so that it’s often unruly and I have a difficult time fostering good connections with many people that I respect.

­­­6 Low Budget Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

You already know that you do not have the marketing budget to compete with the “big boys.” But the good news is this: the digital world of marketing has equalized the field like never before. Small businesses have a host of venues and tactics that are both effective and low-cost. One of these, of course, is content marketing. In fact, it can be the most cost-effective of all marketing strategies. Here are content marketing tactics

Does Facebook Compare to LinkedIn for Business Networking?

We live in an increasingly digital age. Richard Madison of the Brighton School of Business & Management created this infographic which explores the merits of using both Facebook and LinkedIn for Networking and for Marketing. Did you know that there are 1.35 billion users on Facebook, and while the network is often overlooked as a professional resource that there are 25 million business pages? This infographic examines the unique opportunities each platform offers a professional

The Battle for the Inbox

On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial email messages per month… that’s a lot of emails for the average person. More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other category… and it’s important to note that subscribers aren’t simply subscribing to your email – they’re also subscribing to your competitor. Ensuring your email is designed well and responsive to mobile devices are an absolute minimum. Having a compelling email that’s of

They Never Taught this in Marketing Class

I don’t believe it’s a secret, but I do believe the most successful strategy that’s often ignored in sales and marketing is the value of your network. People tend to focus on return on investment, statistics, research, branding, design, features, efficiency, productivity, etc. as they work through their marketing efforts. That’s all well and good but if you detail all of those things, none of them provide you the path to money that your business