Elokenz: Intelligently Repost Your Site’s Best Performing Content on Social Media

Marketers are inherently creative and I believe sometimes it’s too their business’ performance detriment. It’s something that I continue to remind myself with my articles. I often dive deeper and deeper into tools and strategies… and forget that there are visitors that haven’t been on this journey with me. For companies, this is a huge oversight. As they continue to ideate and deploy content, they forget that there are some people that may not even

Seesmic Ping: Post Anywhere, Anytime from Any Device

If you need a simple tool for your iOS or Android device that will allow you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or LinkedIn, one simple application on the market is Seesmic Ping. While there is a free version, the $4.99 package allows you to send up to 50 posts per day, in up to 10 accounts for posting, with no feature limits, the mobile app, a free Windows desktop app as well as included