Reward Dragon: Incentivize Your Reviews and Word of Mouth Marketing

The majority of small businesses believe over half their business comes from referrals, yet 80% admit they have no system to consistently generate referrals. If you’re one of the 80%, you’re not utilizing a marketing strategy that has one of the highest conversion rates of any strategy. Reward Dragon is referral marketing platform for local businesses. It’s how small businesses power their refer-a-friend programs to multiply sales. Reward Dragon uniquely combines client testimonials, social sharing,

Yotpo: Integrate Social Reviews on Your Ecommerce Site

70% of online shoppers say reviews have a major impact on their purchase decision (Source). 60% of online shoppers indicate that reviews are the most important factor when choosing a product. And 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know. With that in mind, every company needs to employ capturing reviews on their products and services. Reviews have challenges for ecommerce sites, though: Reviews attract both SPAM and inauthentic reviews from less-than-scrupulous competitors.