The Stupid Way I Increased Our Inbox Placement Rate by 15%

Email delivery is stupid. I’m not kidding. It’s been around for over 20 years but we still have 50+ email clients that all display the same code differently. And we tens of thousands of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who all basically have their own rules around managing SPAM. We have ESPs that have stringent rules that businesses have to conform to when adding a single subscriber… and those rules are never actually communicated to the

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

United States regulations covering commercial email messages were regulated in 2003 under the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act. While it’s been over a decade… I still open my inbox daily to unsolicited email that has both false information and no method to opt-out. I’m not sure how effective the regulations have been even with the threat of up to a $16,000 fine per violation. Interestingly, the CAN-SPAM Act doesn’t require permission to send an email

Mail Tester: A Free Tool to Check Your Email Newsletter Against Common SPAM Issues

We’ve been monitoring our email inbox percentages with our partners at 250ok and getting some great results. I wanted to dig in a little deeper to the actual construction of our email and found a great tool called mail tester. Mail tester provides you with a unique email address that you can send your newsletter to and then they provide you an quick analysis of your email against common SPAM checks by junk filters. The

Why Users Disengage With Your Email

Too many email marketers fall into a rhythm where they send email based on their corporate schedule or their goals rather than the subscribers’ needs. Providing emails to your audience and ensuring they’re valuable will keep them subscribed, engaged, converting… and will ultimately keep you out of their junk email folder. After visiting your website, making a purchase, or stumbling across your company’s blog, a customer has signed up to receive email from you. For

Email Subject Lines Words that trigger Spam filters

The easiest way to get your emails a direct route to the SPAM folder are the words utilized in your subject line. SpamAssassin is an open-source spam blocking application who publishes their rules for identifying SPAM on their Wiki. Here are the rules SpamAssassin utilizes with words in the subject line: The subject line is blank (Thanks Alan!) The subject contains the words alert, response, assistance, proposal, reply, warning, notification, greeting, matter, credited, owe, indebted,

Emails not getting through? Add an SPF record!

I just migrated my company’s email over to Google Applications. So far, we really love the freedom it’s providing us. Prior to being on Google, we used to have to put requests in for any changes, list additions, etc. Now we can handle it all through Google’s simple interface. One setback we did notice, though, was that some email from our system isn’t actually making it to us. I did some reading up on Google’s