Are You Getting Bad Advice From Leading Marketers?

Maybe I’ve been in the marketing game too long. It seems that the more time that I spend in this industry, the fewer people I respect or listen to. That’s not to say I don’t have those folks that I respect, it’s just that I’m becoming disillusioned with so many who hold the spotlight. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matt. 7:15 There are a few reasons…

Recognition is Given to You, Authority is Taken by You

This week, I had an amazing conversation with a young colleague in the marketing industry. The person was frustrated. They were an expert in the industry with years of incredible results. However, they were often overlooked when it came to opportunities for speaking, advice, or attention from leaders. At 40 years old, my authority came much later than many of the recognized leaders within the marketing landscape. The reason is relatively simple – I was a

9 Tips for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

I’m preparing for a presentation I’m doing about 7 weeks from now. While other speakers I know will repeat the same stale presentation over and over, my speeches always seem to perform great when I prepare, personalize, practice and perfect them long before the event. My goal is never to dictate what’s on the screen, it’s to design remarkable slides that work in tandem with the speech. This increases both cognition and memory. Since almost

12 Steps to Building Demand for Your New Agency

Last week was an amazing week at Social Media Marketing World where I spoke on the topic of Influencer Marketing. While the audience was mostly corporations looking for advice on how to implement at successful strategy, I returned home and had a good question from one of the attendees curious about how I built enough influence and demand to start my own agency. I want to know how I can go about getting clients (that

The Three Buckets of Social Media Marketing Speakers

What an amazing week this has been at Social Media Marketing World! I moderated a session on corporate blogging with Justin Levy and Waynette Tubbs. Justin leads the charge at Citrix for their social and content strategies, and Waynette leads the help of SAS content strategy efforts. Two amazing people that are running enormous strategies efficiently and practically. Since I moderated, I had to keep quiet and stick to questions that explored the strategies that

Verizon: Please Stop the Madness

I received a text message from Verizon today: Free VZW Msg. Verizon Wireless is now offering a FREE V CAST Video software upgrade. To upgrade and dramatically improve your VCAST Video user experience, go to Get It Now –> Get PIX & FLIX–> Get New PIX –> Get New App –> Entertainment –> V CAST –> FREE Upgrade. To opt-out of future msgs, reply with ‘X’. If anyone is counting, that’s a 7 step process

My Apologies to my friends and colleagues in Chicago

Being invited to participate in the Marketing Profs B2B Marketing conference was a dream come true! My presentation was fine-tuned and I reserved my room at the Renaissance. I even had some Business Cards made specifically for the event! I couldn’t wait to meet with the virtual network I had grown over the last year. I had to work Monday and my plan was to drive up Monday evening and relax for today’s session, Bringing