Multiple Domains in your SPF Record

We ramped up our weekly newsletter (be sure to sign up!) and I noticed that our open and click-through rates are quite low. Chances are that many of those emails aren’t making it to the inbox at all. One key item was that we had a SPF record – a DNS text record – that didn’t indicate that our new email service provider was one of our senders. Internet service providers use this record to

Cappuccino and the Lies of Packaging

Last week I stopped for a McSkillet burrito on the way to work. I could probably write a post just on how much I love those and Qdoba breakfast burritos, but I’ll spare you. While I was at McDonalds, my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a McCafe Mocha rather than stopping at my favorite coffee shop. Colorful, sophisticated signs and packaging with earth tones surround you and make you feel as

Emails not getting through? Add an SPF record!

I just migrated my company’s email over to Google Applications. So far, we really love the freedom it’s providing us. Prior to being on Google, we used to have to put requests in for any changes, list additions, etc. Now we can handle it all through Google’s simple interface. One setback we did notice, though, was that some email from our system isn’t actually making it to us. I did some reading up on Google’s