Where to Promote Your Startups, Apps or Platforms: A Huge List of 65 Resources

Quite a few people wonder how we’re able to find such a wide array of marketing technology platforms and tools out there that they hadn’t heard of yet, or that may even be beta. Aside from alerts we have set up, there are some great resources out there for finding tools. I was recently sharing my list with Matthew Gonzales and he shared a few of his favorites and it got me started on building a

Social Media for Startups: Launch, Distribution, Buzz and Bucks

We shared a pretty comprehensive list of 40+ sites to promote your startup that you should check out (and check off) as you plan the launch of your own startup. There is still a lot of buzz around using social media to get word out about your startup. And there continues to be some very entertaining and original ideas in using it. This infographic from Udemy shows how you – as a startup – can

Pressfarm: Find Journalists to Write About Your Startup

At times, we have pre-revenue, pre-investment startups who ask us for marketing assistance and there’s really nothing we can do since they don’t have budget. We often provide them some advice which consists of incentivizing word-of-mouth marketing (aka referrals) or to take what little money they have and get a great public relations firm. Since content and inbound marketing requires research, planning, testing and momentum – it takes too much time and requires to many