Google Primer: Learn New Business and Digital Marketing Skills

Business owners and marketers are often overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing. There’s a mindset that I push folks to adopt as they think about sales and marketing online: It’s always going to change – every platform is going through intense transformation right now – artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, virtual reality, mixed reality, big data, blockchain, bots, Internet of Things… yeesh. While that sounds terrifying, keep in mind that’s all to

Video: Search Engine Optimization for Startups

You finally got your startup off the ground but no one can find you in any search results. Since we work with a lot of startups, this is a huge issue… the clock is ticking and you need to get revenue. Getting found in search is much more economical than hiring an outbound team. However, Google isn’t too kind to a new domain. In this video, Maile Ohye from Google discusses what you can do

Is Education The Answer?

I asked a question on Ask 500 People that received an interesting response. My question was: Are colleges just an organized means of passing ignorance from one generation to the next? First, let me explain that I worded the question to really spark a response – it’s called link-baiting and it worked. Some of the immediate responses I received were downright rude, but the overall voting is what had the impact. Thus far, 42% of