Where To Host, Syndicate, Share, Optimize, And Promote Your Podcast

Last year was the year podcasting exploded in popularity. In fact, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have said they listened to a podcast in the last month, which has steadily increased year over year from the 12% share in 2008 and I only see this number continue to grow. So have you decided to start your own podcast? Well, there are a few things to consider first – where you will host

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

The folks at Blogmost.com developed this infographic and named it Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014. I’m not sure I like that title… I don’t think companies should focus on building links anymore. Our local search experts at Site Strategics like to say that new strategies require earning links rather than actively building them. More importantly, I believe this infographic combines a ton of tools and distribution sites where you can

Our Marketing Podcast is Available on Stitcher!

Marty Thompson introduced me to Stitcher, a fantastic application that aggregates podcasts and makes them easy to find on your mobile device. Whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Palm – you can download Stitcher and now listen to our Marketing Podcast with Edge of the Web Radio. The show’s audience has been growing steadily and we’re enjoying the great guests – including Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Eric Tobias, Chris Brogan, Debbie Weil, Jason Falls, Scott