WordPress: Remove and Redirect A YYYY/MM/DD Permalink Structure with Regex and Rank Math SEO

Simplifying your URL structure is a great way to optimize your site for a number of reasons. Long URLs are difficult to share with others, can get cut off in text editors and email editors, and complex URL folder structures can send the wrong signals to search engines on the importance of your content. YYYY/MM/DD Permalink Structure If your site had two URLs, which one would you think has provided the article with higher importance?

Dear AT&T U-Verse

Dear AT&T, I’m already a customer of yours. I have both home phone and DSL through you (previously SBC). I like the service but wish to upgrade the DSL as well as take advantage of the great TV service you have. You see, my apartment only offers a basic package and I’d like to upgrade. For the last couple years, you’ve sent some incredibly enticing direct mail requesting that I upgrade. I get them about