Brief History of Social Media Advertising

While many social media purists tout the power and reach of organic social media marketing, it’s still a network that’s difficult to be discovered in without promotion. Social media advertising is a market that did not exist just a decade ago, but is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017. This is up from just $6.1 billion in 2013. Social advertisements offer the opportunity to build awareness, target based on geographic, demographic and

AddShoppers: Social Commerce Apps Platform

AddShoppers apps help you boost social revenue, add sharing buttons and provide you with analytics on how social is impacting commerce. AddShoppers helps ecommerce providers leverage social media to make more sales. Their sharing buttons, social rewards, and purchase sharing apps help you get more social shares which can then turn into social sales. AddShoppers analytics help you track your return on investment and understand which social channels convert. AddShoppers increases customer engagement by integrating

Social Buzz Club: Share and Be Shared

One of the great aspects of attending a conference like Social Media Marketing World is that you leave the comfort of your network and enter so many others. Regardless of the size of your network, you’re often limited to the news and information shared within. Going to an international conference like this opens you up to so many new networks. We met a ton of folks in San Diego and we’re going to continue to

The Dramatic Impact of Online Visual Storytelling

There’s a reason why we use so much imagery here at Martech Zone… it works. While the textual content is the focus, the imagery balances the pages and provides a means for readers to get an instant impression of what is to come. Imagery is an understated strategy when it comes to developing your content. If you haven’t already – try to to provide an image for every single document, post or page on your

The StumbleUpon Lifecyle

We love StumbleUpon here on Martech Zone. In fact, it’s often our number one referral source. It’s also been the number one referral source of traffic on the web! StumbleUpon walks through some other advantages of its service here in this infographic – including the fact that the time that your link continues to refer visits is much longer than sites like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are an ongoing stream… links come and

Great Brands Evolve Over Time

I love the Mac ads. Most people do, because they?re funny, without being offensive.  They don’t bore us with product details, but in 30 seconds or less, resonate with their audience, because they get ?right to the pain?. As you watch them, it is easy to assume that Mac and Apple in general have always had great advertising.  But a quick look at some of their early advertisements, reveals an ugly truth, and I mean ugly. Apple started

Newspapers Still Misjudge Their Value

It’s been a while since I ranted about newspapers. Since I came from the industry, it’s still in my blood and will probably always be. The first newspaper I ever worked for is up for sale, and the local newspaper here is gasping its last breath. Like many, I don’t read the newspaper anymore, unless I see a recommended article through Twitter or one of the feeds that I digest. This month’s .NET magazine mentions