Does an Emoji in Your Subject Line Impact Email Open Rates? 🤔

We’ve shared some details in the past on how some marketers are incorporating emojis into their marketing communications. In celebration of World Emoji Day – yes… there’s such a thing – Mailjet performed some testing using emojis in email subject lines to see how different emojis might impact the email open rate. Guess what? It worked! Methodology: Mailjet offers an experimentation feature known as a/x testing. A/X testing removes the guesswork of what works best by allowing you to

Mailjet Launches A/X Testing with up to 10 Versions

Unlike traditional A/B testing, Mailjet’s A/x testing lets users cross-compare up to 10 different versions of test emails sent based on a mix of up to four key variables: Email Subject Line, Sender Name, Reply to Name, and the email content. This feature allows companies to test the effectiveness of email before its sent to the larger group of recipients, and offers insight customers can use to manually or automatically select the most effective email

Re: Trust

It happened again. While I was reviewing the (unstoppable) list of emails that were hitting my inbox, I noticed the reply email. The subject line, of course, started with RE: so it caught my eye and I immediately opened it. But it wasn’t a reply. It was a marketer who thought they’d increase their open rate by lying to all of their subscribers. While it worked their open rate, they just lost a prospect and

Agreedo: Making Meetings More Productive

When I was working for a large software company, I once stopped going to meetings as a test. The Product Management team had meetings scheduled all week and sometimes 8 full hours a day… meeting with clients, sales, marketing, development, and support. It was insane. It was insane because the organization loved to meet but never actually held their employees accountable to accomplish anything with the meeting. So, for 2 weeks I did not attend