10 Tips to Align Your Email Marketing and Social Media

If you’ve been a reader of this publication for a while, you know how much I despise the email versus social media arguments out there. To unleash the full potential of any marketing strategy, aligning those campaigns across channels will enhance your results. It’s not a question of versus, it’s a question of and. With each campaign on each channel, how can you ensure an increase in response rates on each channel you have available. Email? Social? Or

Signal: Grow with Email, Text, Social and Sweepstakes

BrightTag, a cloud-based marketing platform for Internet retailers, has purchased Signal. Signal is a centralized marketing hub for cross channel marketing via email, SMS and social media. Signal features include: Email newsletters – pre-built, mobile-optimized email templates to use or create your own. Text messaging – launch an effective program and be compliant with mobile carrier requirements. Social media publishing – publish your status on Facebook and Twitter, using short URLs to track your content.

End Email Overload with Unroll.me

Every few months, I need to go through my emails and begin filtering out all the junk. From platforms I’ve tested, to social notifications and newsletters – my inbox is packed. I’m using some great tools to help manage it, like Mailstrom, but it’s still a bit out of control. Unroll.me is here to help you regain control of your inbox. Instead of receiving multiple subscription emails throughout the day, you can receive just one.

Subscription Management Systems: CheddarGetter

This week I got to spend time with the team at Sproutbox, an amazing technology incubator in Bloomington, Indiana. Sproutbox was founded by some elite developers who decided what they loved and what they were good at was taking an idea and bringing it to market as a solution. They do just that for equity in the projects they decide to take to market. I attended today as a finalist for their next Sprout… the

How to Set Email Subscriber Expectations and WIN!

Are your email subscribers clicking through to your websites, ordering your products, or registering for your events, as expected? No? Instead are they simply unresponsive, unsubscribing or (gasp) complaining? If so, perhaps you’re not clearly establishing mutual expectations.