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  • Analytics & TestingWhat is Marketing Data Analytics?

    What Is Marketing Data Analytics? Why Your Business Should Embrace It

    Let’s face it – collecting and analyzing customer data from diverse channels can be a daunting task.  When done ineffectively, it can negatively impact decision-making, leading to business failure.  I’ve witnessed how poor data quality results in a frustrating cycle of missed opportunities and underachieved marketing goals. 21% of respondents experienced marketing budget wastage (1 in 5 dollars lost) because…

  • Sales EnablementSendoso Direct Mail Automation to Increase Engagement, Acquisition, and Retention

    Sendoso: Incentivize Engagement, Acquisition, and Retention with Direct Mail

    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional marketing approaches are proving insufficient. Email blasts, cold calls, and mailers are losing effectiveness as potential customers are increasingly resistant to generic, impersonal attempts to capture their attention. The hunt for innovative, authentic, and personalized connections with audiences has led to the rise of Sendoso, a direct marketing automation platform. Consumer behavior has…

  • Marketing ToolsWrike Campaign Collaboration Project Management Platform

    Wrike: Deliver Marketing Campaigns With Effortless Collaboration, File Versioning, Calendars, and Resource Management

    I’m not sure what we’d be able to do without a collaboration platform for our campaign planning and execution. As we work on ad campaigns, articles, infographics, emails, white papers, and even podcasts, our process moves from researchers, to writers, to designers, to editors, and our clients. That’s too many people involved to be passing files back and forth between…

  • Analytics & Testing
    wishpond analytics

    Wishpond: Making Waves in Lead Generation and Automation

    There’s a storm on the horizon in the marketing automation industry. Barriers to entry for new platforms are getting lower and lower, mature platforms are being swallowed up by enterprise marketing platforms, and those left in the middle are in for some rough seas. Either they pray they can depend on their customer-base to look attractive to a buyer, or…

  • Marketing & Sales Videosseach behavior

    Infographics and Video: Online Search Behavior Survey

    iAcquire conducted a three-part study on how people behave online – producing infographics for search behavior, mobile behavior and social media behavior. The full results can be observed in this infographic video: iAcquire partnered with SurveyMonkey Audience for a study that gives us actionable insight into search patterns. With mobile devices becoming a mainstay in people’s lives, iAcquire wanted to…

  • Marketing ToolsSurvey Result Analysis - Cross-Tab and Filters

    Dig Deeper Into Your Survey Results: Cross Tab and Filter Analysis

    I do Social Media Marketing for SurveyMonkey, so I’m a big proponent of using online surveys to reach out to your customers to make better more strategic business decisions. You can get a lot of insight from a simple survey, especially when you know something about creating and analyzing it. Writing and designing a good survey is an important part…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsTop 5

    Top 5 Tips for Survey Greatness

    There is a simple truth presented by the Internet era: Soliciting feedback and gaining insight into your customer base and target market is easy. This can be a wonderful fact or a fear-inducing one, depending on who you are and what you’re looking for feedback about, but if you’re in the market to connect with your base to get their…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsSurveyMonkey Survey Validation

    Who’s Answering Your Survey? Validation Made Simple

    Soliciting consumer feedback before, during, and after launching a new business venture is a great way to figure out how you measure up in the eyes of your customers. You never want to assume you know how your target market (30 to 45-year-old working mothers, for example) feels about what you’re doing, especially since it’s so easy to ask them…

  • Content Marketingonline surveys for market research

    3 Ways To Use Surveys For Better Market Research

    Chances are that if you’re reading Martech Zone, you already know how important conducting market research is to any business strategy. Over here at SurveyMonkey, we believe that being well informed when making decisions is the best thing you can do for your business (and your personal life, too!). Online surveys are a great way to perform market research quickly,…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSurveys for Social Media

    4 Tips For Businesses To Better “Socialize” On Social Media

    If you’re reading Martech Zone, chances are someone has clued you in already to the fact that it’s going to be more critical than ever to get your business social this year. A recent survey revealed that 40% of small to midsized business decision-makers plan to use social media in 2012. GrowBiz Media I recently heard a guest on Business…

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