How to Synchronize 2 Google Calendars

With the acquisition of my agency and now working as a partner on my new Salesforce partner, I have an issue where I’m running two G Suite accounts and now have 2 calendars to manage. My old agency account is still active to use for my publications and speaking – and the new account is for Highbridge. While I could share and see each calendar on the other, I also need to actually show times

Delivra Enlists Cazoomi AppSync® for CRM

Our email marketing sponsor, Delivra, has announced integrations with both Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms utilizing Cazoomi. If you’ve not heard of Cazoomi SyncApps®, it’s a pretty impressive cloud application that synchronizes your contact data across financial, ecommerce, email service providers and/or customer relationship management systems. For enterprise customers, the Cazoomi application is much less expensive than the development necessary. And you need not worry about companies updating their integrations… Cazoomi has to! Aside

Newspapers Still Misjudge Their Value

It’s been a while since I ranted about newspapers. Since I came from the industry, it’s still in my blood and will probably always be. The first newspaper I ever worked for is up for sale, and the local newspaper here is gasping its last breath. Like many, I don’t read the newspaper anymore, unless I see a recommended article through Twitter or one of the feeds that I digest. This month’s .NET magazine mentions

Newspapers Continue to Needlessly Kill Themselves

Through Ruth’s blog, I just got done reading a New York Times piece on the Tribune planning to cut 500 pages from 12 of their largest newspapers each week. Newspapers = Toilet Paper I can’t even tell you how insanely upset this makes me… and, as consumers, you should be extremely upset as well. It appears that the Newspaper Industry, in its infinitely shrinking wisdom, is now following the path that the toilet paper industry