Site Speed and Asynchronous Javascript

While I do a lot of development, I don’t classify myself as a true developer. I can program and move stuff around on a page and make it work. A true developer understands how to develop the code so that it can be scaled, not take up a lot of resources, load quickly, be easily modified later and still work. The tough spot that marketers are put in is to both have a very fast

How Many Blog Posts?

An interesting question was posed to me today and I wanted to share it with you folks to get your thoughts. Is there an easy way to tell how many blog posts a person’s blog has? With WordPress, it’s pretty simple (perhaps too simple). Wrapping each post is a div with the Post ID. The Post ID happens to be synonymous with the number of posts. Thanks autonumber! :). I’m a little surprised that this

Many of My Blog Posts are Verbose