How To Host, Syndicate, Optimize, and Promote Your Podcast

Last year was the year podcasting exploded in popularity. In fact, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have said they listened to a podcast in the last month, which has steadily increased year over year from the 12% share in 2008 and I only see this number continue to grow. So have you decided to start your own podcast? Well, there are a few things to consider first – where you will host

Add An External Podcast Feed to Your WordPress Site’s Feeds

How to publish an externally hosted podcast feed as a custom feed within your WordPress instance.

Hearsay Content Exchange: Curation and Syndication

On a daily basis, our team is reviewing hundreds of sources of marketing data and sharing that data through our marketing and client channels. We utilize alerts, social monitoring and readers to find and review content – and then push that content to our audiences and customers using tools likeHootsuite and Buffer to share that data. It’s not enough for us simply to share our own content… I think that’s a strategy that holds many

Automation with Aggregation and Syndication

We like to use big words in the marketing industry… aggregation and syndication are a couple of them – and they’re very important. Aggregation – allows you to collect content from other sites and display them in yours. They could be from a blog, news feed, twitterfeed, or even Facebook comments. Aggregation can be a great tool to use to always keep your page content fresh and pull in other relevant content. Search engines like

Three Keys to Leveraging Your Content

Many marketers leverage one piece of technology that they enjoy or are comfortable with and ignore the others. I’m a huge proponent of automation and the marketer leveraging their messaging in any way, shape, or form – so much as it never does harm to their marketing efforts. With regard to a company leveraging content through its site, articles, whitepapers, case studies or its corporate blog, I believe there are three keys to making your