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  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is Ad Fraud? How To Prevent Ad Fraud

    Understanding and Combating Ad Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

    Ad fraud has emerged as a serious concern that undermines the efficiency and integrity of online advertising technology (Adtech). Ad fraud is a deceptive practice that disrupts the normal functioning of advertising operations, leading to substantial monetary losses for advertisers and diluting the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The global cost of ad fraud is estimated to reach $100 billion in…

  • Search MarketingBacklinks: Nofollow, Dofollow, UGC, Sponsored, Linkbuilding

    What Are Nofollow, Dofollow, UGC, Or Sponsored Links? Why Do Backlinks Matter for Search Rankings?

    Every day my inbox is inundated with spamming SEO companies begging to place links in my content. It’s an endless stream of requests, and it irritates me. Here’s how the email usually goes… Dear Martech Zone, I noticed that you wrote this amazing article on [keyword]. We wrote a detailed article on this as well. I think it would make…

  • Advertising Technology
    What Are TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)?

    Understanding the Importance of Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)

    Buying media online is not unlike shopping for a mattress. A consumer may see a mattress at one store that they want to buy, not realizing that at another store, the very same piece is a lower price because it is under a different name. This scenario makes it very difficult for the buyer to know exactly what they are…

  • Advertising Technology
    click fraud

    4 Strategies to Mitigate the Risk of Rampant Click Fraud

    Digital Advertising will most likely be the top media advertising expenditure in 2016 according to comScore. That’s also making it an irresistible target for click fraud. In fact, according to a new report on fraud in the online advertising industry, one-third of all advertising expenditures will be wasted on fraud. Distil Networks and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have released…

  • Analytics & Testinggoogle tag manager

    Google Launches Google Tag Manager

    If you’ve ever worked on a client site and had to add conversion code from Adwords into a template but only when that template was displayed with certain criteria, you know the headaches of tagging pages! Tags are tiny bits of website code that can help provide useful insights, but they can also cause challenges. Too many tags can make…

  • Content MarketingHow to add a tag cloud in WordPress

    WordPress: How to Build And Publish A Tag Cloud

    It may seem a bit outdated, but I still appreciate the usefulness of tag clouds. Internally, tag clouds visually display what the focus of my content has been and allow me to identify whether I’m writing too much content about some terms and, perhaps, not enough about terms that I should be writing about. What is a Tag Cloud? A…

  • Content Marketingdouglas karr sq

    Blog Tag: 5 Secrets about Me

    Shel Israel has blog-tagged me. The game is to tell five secrets about yourself and then link to five other people you know and then they have to tell five things you probably don’t know about them. Ophidiophobia: That’s me. Can’t stand them! I joked that if I ran into a snake, I’d throw my kids at it and run…

  • Content MarketingBlogging jargon, terms, vocabulary list

    Blogging Vocabulary: What is a Permalink? Trackback? Slug? Ping? 20+ Terms You Need to Know

    In a recent luncheon with some local marketers, I realized a gap in their blogging knowledge and the technologies involved. As a result, I wanted to provide an overview of common terms associated with blogging. What is Analytics? Analytics in the context of blogging refers to the collection and analysis of data that tracks the performance of a blog. This…

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