How to Research the Best Hashtags

Hashtags have been with us since their launch 8 years ago on Twitter. One of the reasons why we developed the TweetThis Shortcode plugin was to increase our visibility on Twitter. A key feature of that was the ability to add hashtags within the shortcode. Why? Simply put, many people research Twitter on an ongoing basis based on the hashtags shared. Just as keywords are critical to search, hashtags are critical to searches in social

Hashtag Research and Management Tools

Hashtag was the word of the year in 2013, there was a baby named Hashtag, and the word was outlawed in France (mot-dièse). Hashtags continue to have enormous benefits when utilized appropriately in social media – especially as their use has expanded beyond Twitter and into Facebook. If you’d like some hashtag basics, see the Hashtag Guide that we’ve published. You can also read our post on finding the best hashtags for each social update.

Firemail: Email Marketing without the Email Service Provider

I’m a huge fan of email service providers and the incredible products and services that they provide. Perhaps most important is the deliverability issues that can arise when sending volumes of email. With the huge riff between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs), sometimes the business gets put in the middle. Ironically, working with an ESP and not having any authority can cause deliverability issues, too. Many ISPs block email simply because