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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingMarketing by Consensus

    From Harmony to Innovation: The Surprising Impact of Consensus in Marketing

    Tomorrow, I’m meeting with my leadership team to reach a consensus on our next campaign strategy focused on attendees at a national retail marketing event. I would have groaned early in my career if I was asked to facilitate such a meeting. As a young, spirited, and talented individual, I wanted to be provided the freedom and accountability to make…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow to Write A Marketing Plan

    How To Write Your Marketing Plan for 2024

    In preparing for the new year, companies should consider coordinating and planning various marketing plans to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals effectively. Each type of marketing plan has its unique focus and strategies. Marketing Plan Research To prepare for writing a marketing plan, incorporating the Agile Marketing Journey is essential. This journey consists of five stages:…

  • Content MarketingR Factors of Corporate Blogging

    Mastering the 10 R’s To Maximize Your Corporate Blogging Strategy

    Companies blog for several strategic reasons, which can play a pivotal role in their broader sales and marketing efforts: To Drive Traffic: Blogging increases a company’s visibility on search engines. Regularly updated content indexed by search engines drives new visitors to the company’s website, which can be converted into leads. To Establish Authority: By publishing informative and expert content, a…

  • Sales EnablementZopto: AI-Powered LinkedIn Sales Navigator B2B Leadgen

    Zopto: B2B Lead Generation With AI-Powered Precision Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    The challenge with lead generation has always been about efficiency and relevance—connecting with the right prospects at the right time. Finding a B2B lead generation (leadgen) tool that works seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator is like striking gold. Zopto Zopto tackles lead generation by employing advanced AI algorithms that personalize outreach. This tool stands out by automating the initial stages…

  • Search MarketingHow To Get Customer Reviews Online

    The Art of Asking Customers for Reviews: 5 Insider Tips and Tricks

    In my experience, many businesses underutilize an important way to build credibility with prospective customers — asking their current clients for reviews. If approached correctly, however, having positive online testimonials can be one of the most effective ways to convert leads into sales.  Below, I explain effective review strategies to help you not only reach your target audience but also…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingHow to optimize your Facebook landing pages

    How to Optimize Your Facebook Landing Pages

    Facebook, one of the most widely used social media sites worldwide, offers a unique opportunity to connect with a massive audience. To make the most of this opportunity, it’s essential to create remarkable Facebook landing pages. This article will guide you through optimizing landing pages that capture the attention of your target audience and drive valuable actions. Table of ContentsThe…

  • Ecommerce and RetailWhy Your Store Needs a Mobile App

    Why Your Store Needs a Mobile App: A Strategic Imperative for Success

    The importance of mobile apps in modern retail cannot be overstated. With the ever-increasing reliance on smartphones and the digitalization of consumer behavior, mobile apps have become a linchpin in the retail industry. They serve as a direct bridge between retailers and customers, offering an unmatched level of convenience and engagement. Mobile apps enable retailers to create a personalized shopping…

  • Content MarketingContent Marketing 2023: Trends, Mediums, Channels and Strategies

    The State of Content Marketing In 2023: Benefits, Mediums, Channels, and Trends

    Content marketing is a strategy to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience. This content can take various forms, from blog posts and videos to infographics and podcasts. For several compelling reasons, companies in the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors invest in content marketing. Why Companies Invest in Content Marketing Establishing…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSmall Business Social Media Branding

    Ultimate Guide to Social Media Branding for Small Businesses

    A social media presence is crucial for small businesses to prosper in the digital world. Making profiles on multiple platforms is only one aspect of social media branding; building an engaging online persona that appeals to your target market is another. This comprehensive manual will show you the ins and outs of social media branding and offer insightful advice and…

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