Email Marketing or Facebook Marketing?

Derek McClain asked on Facebook: If you are a business that does online marketing, would you rather have someone’s email address or have that same person as a Facebook Fan aka Person that “Likes” your page? Think about this one before you answer. It’s a great question. I’m not a fan of “or” with online marketing. I believe a multi-channel marketing approach increases overall response throughout your marketing. Facebook seems like a social media marketing

8 Guiding Principles to Hiring an Email Marketing Expert

In part one (You Might Need an Email Marketing Expert If…) we discussed when and why it might be a good idea to contract with experts who possess, dedicated, email marketing experience. Now we?ll outline the guiding principles to consider before hiring an email marketing agency, email marketing consultant or in-house email marketing manager.

Firemail: Email Marketing without the Email Service Provider

I’m a huge fan of email service providers and the incredible products and services that they provide. Perhaps most important is the deliverability issues that can arise when sending volumes of email. With the huge riff between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs), sometimes the business gets put in the middle. Ironically, working with an ESP and not having any authority can cause deliverability issues, too. Many ISPs block email simply because

The Secret to Successful Email List Rental & Email Newsletter Advertising

If you’re an advertiser who has, or is planning, to include 3rd-party email into your marketing mix this post will help to use the email marketing channel more successfully and get a better ROI, with smaller budgets. In the end, it will help list owners, too. After all a happy advertiser is a repeat advertiser.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Driving Social Media with Email

Last week I found a great example of a really unobtrusive way to use email marketing as a way to drive traffic to social media. The email came from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was a simple, well-designed email that had a very simple call to action: Follow us on Twitter and receive an exclusive discount code: Why it’s good Dick’s did a good job of using a traditional tool, email marketing, to drive traffic to

Where is Email Communications Headed?

I have fallen into a rather nasty habit of putting some emails aside for action for a month or more. I have a triage system for incoming emails. If they don’t require my immediate attention or action within a period of time to avoid pain of some sort, I just let them sit. Maybe that’s a bad thing. Or maybe not. This whole topic got me musing with a friend (victim of my “waiting period”)