Formstack: Add a Form to Dropbox

We use Dropbox almost every day to collect and share files with our clients. At times, our clients don’t have a Dropbox account or their company policy doesn’t allow them to sign up. To collect those files, we just make a form with Formstack (our technology sponsors) and integrate the form with Dropbox. How to Add a Form to Dropbox Integrating Dropbox to your form is drag and drop just like the rest of Formstack

The Top 11 Features of Windows 8

While my home and office are totally equipped with Macs, I can’t say that I’m unimpressed with Windows 8. I know that sales have been soft, but I believe it was a courageous evolution in the Windows history, an advancement in usability, and a beautiful operating system. Microsoft is a worthy adversary… they still own the business OS market, they still own the office market, and they still have a lot of cash on hand

The Flash Drive Business Card

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I’m a sucker for technology… and business cards. When I meet someone and they hand me a card, I’m terribly judgmental. Yesterday, I met with Rob Bacallao from Sharp Staffing and he handed me this beauty: The Wafer flash drive business card from Flashbay is pretty cool – coming in 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb versions, here’s the online description: The Wafer USB Card is one

Should You Optimize Content for Wide Screens?

I’d love a user experience expert to chime in on this post. I’ve been watching as more and more technology sites are maximizing the viewport (the viewable region of your device) and I’m not really that impressed. I don’t believe that, if you have more resolution that you need to use that resolution. Here’s a breakdown of the top resolutions on Martech Zone: The most popular resolution, as you can see, is the 1366×768. This

Automate Your PDF Creation Process with WebMerge

I was visiting with one of our technology sponsors’ (Formstack) clients yesterday to discuss a pretty hefty integration they were working on. What impressed me was that they actually had most of the integration completed even though they lacked any development resources on their staff. A huge part of their service was having forms completed by sales staff, prospects or customers. The end result were specific PDFs that had to be properly filled out and