Utilizing BlueOcean’s Proprietary AI To Unlock Connected Fitness Brand Insights

Every year, especially as we approach the holidays and reflect on the most memorable campaigns of the year, there are countless battles to see which brands have captivated audiences. With the stress and uncertainty that the pandemic brought this year, there’s a new battle, and this time it’s a battle for our health.  As we adapted to doing everything from home, we witnessed how the pandemic propelled the future of fitness. Smart at-home equipment like

Will Sales People Be Replaced By Robots?

After Watson became the Jeopardy champion, IBM teamed-up with the Cleveland Clinic to help physicians speed up and improve the accuracy rates of their diagnosis and prescriptions. In this case, Watson augments the skills of physicians. So, if a computer can help perform medical functions, surely it would seem that one could assist and improve the skills of a salesperson as well. But, will the computer ever replace sales personnel? Teachers, drivers, travel agents, and

Martech Zone: Welcome To My New Martech Publication!

It’s only been a year since I last reskinned our WordPress site. While I liked the layout, I had a ton of plugins and customizations to make it function the way I wanted it, too. With WordPress, that can begin to spell disaster from a performance standpoint and I was seeing the cracks in the foundation. So, I went on the hunt for a design that could incorporate both very large displays as well as