Five Top Tips For Building A Thought Leadership Content Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how easy it is to build – and destroy – a brand. Indeed, the very nature of how brands communicate is changing. Emotion has always been a key driver in decision making, but it is how brands connect with their audience that will determine success or failure in the post-Covid world. Nearly half of decision-makers say an organisation’s thought leadership content directly contributes to their purchasing habits, yet 74% of companies have

The Benefits of A Great Content Marketing Strategy

Why do we need content marketing? This is the question that so many people in this industry don’t answer well. Companies must have a robust content strategy because the majority of the purchase-decision making process has shifted, thanks to online media, before the prospect ever reaches for the phone, the mouse, or the front door to our businesses. In order for us to influence the purchase decision, it’s imperative that we ensure our brand is

2014 State of Digital Marketing

We’ve shared a few infographics on 2014 – Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions, Content Marketing Trends, Small Business Marketing Wishlist and Social Media Predictions. The folks at WebMarketing123 surveyed 500+ marketers about their top digital goals and challenges to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what they’re planning for in 2014. Download a free copy of their 3rd Annual State of Digital Marketing Report today.

2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends

This is a great infographic from Salesforce on the current trends in Content Marketing, the resources and challenges associated with – as well as the benefits. It is kind of funny that they left Infographics out of the types of content, though! Learn more about content marketing best practices with Salesforce’s free ebook, How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan. While the concept of a brand creating content to help customers is