Build Branded Proposals as Beautiful as Your Website

We recently rec’d a proposal and contract from a company that had impeccable branding. The documents were a disaster, though. The borders extended beyond our printer settings, it came in two sections (two print jobs, two signatures) and I had to print, sign, scan and email the signed proposal back. Worse of all, the proposal was difficult to read and terribly written, requiring me to turn on tracking, make edits, and go back and forth

Improving Sales Proposal Effectiveness

In a world where there are so many different options and all the information available to us with a quick search and click, the sales cycle has gotten longer over the past decade. In fact, the average sales cycle is 22% longer than it was five years ago. What gives? Our sales proposal automation sponsor, TinderBox, actually did a study with Miller Heiman and the Sales Management Association to find out what challenges sales organizations are

Don’t Blame WordPress

90,000 hackers are trying to get into your WordPress installation right now. That’s a ridiculous statistic but also points to the popularity of the world’s most popular content management system. While we’re fairly agnostic about content management systems, we have a deep, deep respect for WordPress and support most of our clients’ installations on it. I don’t necessarily agree with the founder of WordPress who largely deflects the attention on security issues with the CMS.

Proposal Software is Boosting Business

Over the past couple of years, sales has drastically changed with the coming of the digital age. Specifically, how people are sending and receiving sales proposals has been enhanced with the development of online sales proposal management systems, like our client TinderBox. Why are these solutions better than simply writing up a sales proposal in Microsoft Word? Well, we made a whole infographic about it. Productivity is greatly increased by using one of these solutions,

How Relationships Drive Revenue Webinar Series

During the month of June, my friends and clients, Right On Interactive and TinderBox, joined forces to create a fantastic webinar series about how relationships drive revenue. Right On Interactive, a sponsor of the Martech Zone, provides a marketing automation solution with a focus on winning, keeping, and growing relationships.  TinderBox is a SaaS online sales proposal software  that makes it easy to create multimedia, cohesive sales proposals for your prospects. Both have amazing insight into

Cheering for Tinderbox in the Super Bowl!

Startup America has assembled more than $1 billion worth of commitments from dozens of partners to support the growth of startups in five key areas: Expertise: Connect startups with training, mentors, advisors and accelerators Services: Provide startups with access to critical services at reduced costs Talent: Assist startups in recruiting, training and retaining the people that can help them grow Customers: Help startups through acquisition of new customers and expansion into new markets Capital: Highlight

Which End of the Sales Funnel?

Marketing strategies are often designed to find more leads or upsell current customers. One of the issues we often find with clients is that they’re often working on the wrong end of the sales funnel. Many companies get less visitors a month to their website than they would like… but if they were able to convert twice as many of those visitors they have, they’d be very successful. Many of the technologies we work with

A Great Investment: TinderBox

About a week ago, DK New Media added TinderBox, a Proposal Management Solution, to its list of growing clients. I wrote about TinderBox when they first launched… and soon after we became a client of theirs. We’re excited about helping one another because of the incredible potential their solution has. The TinderBox application is fantastic and has saved me hours upon hours of time. Basically, I’ve developed a content repository with all of the product