Newlytics: A New Way to Understand Your Marketing

Having worked with a number of small and large companies across multiple industries and various media, we have constantly seen a fundamental problem of companies unable to determine their marketing ROI. Even with large companies that employ teams of marketers with many years of experience, the ability to track results directly back to expenditure is lacking. While digital marketing avenues such as PPC advertising have allowed people to draw the line between their spend and

How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales

We continue to write about marketing attribution since it’s such a challenge for marketers. These findings from TechnologyAdvice’s new infographic, How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales support that this continues to be an issue. Some Key Statistics on Campaign Tracking 75% of marketers have trouble calculating ROI because they don’t know the end results of their campaigns 73% of B2B marketers say measurable results are the biggest benefit of marketing automation 68% of