How to Fully Leverage Twitter for Your Next Event

One of the Twitter Chats we really enjoy participating in is Atomic Reach’s #AtomicChat. It’s a well-produced, pre-planned chat around various marketing topics on Twitter that happens every Monday at 9PM EST. Whenever I participate, I’m always impressed with just how perfect Twitter is as a medium for this event. I’m not the only one that believes Twitter is great for events. Julius Solaris, author of Social Media for Events (a free ebook!) believes it’s

How B2B Sales Has Changed

This infographic from Maximize Social Media beautifully lays out the advantage of inbound marketing as part of your overall sales process. It’s unfortunate, though, that they choose to pit one strategy against the other rather than providing how most B2B companies are combining the two strategies. By combining an inbound and outbound approach to B2B sales, you can capture and score your leads as they interact with your content and social activity online. This provides

Where is Your Audience?

If you asked most people where they find their audience, you’ll often get a very narrow response. If you’re inbound marketing firm like DK New Media; for example, you may fill out all the details of a spreadsheet like this by only viewing your current prospects and limiting yourself to the strategies you’re proficient at. For example, you might do keyword research and focus your attention on search engines for those users seeking inbound marketing,