A Guide for Marketers About Intellectual Property (IP)

Marketing is a continuous undertaking. Whether you are an enterprise corporation or a small business, marketing is an essential means to keep businesses afloat as well as help drive businesses towards success. So it is important to secure and maintain the reputation of your brand in order to establish a smooth marketing campaign for your business. But before coming up with a strategic marketing campaign, marketers need to fully realize the value as well as the

Know Your Fair Use, Disclosure and IP

This morning I received a note from a company that we’ve written about. The email was quite forceful in demanding that we immediately remove any references to the trademarked company name in our post and suggested that we link to their site utilizing a phrase instead. Trademark Fair Usage I’m guessing the company may have been successful in the past in manipulating people to remove the name and add the phrase – it’s an SEO

What Marketers Need to Know about Protecting Intellectual Property

As marketing—and all other business activities — have become increasingly reliant on technology, protecting intellectual property has become a top priority for successful companies. That’s why every marketing team must understand the basics of intellectual property law. What is Intellectual Property? The American legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. These rights and protections even extend beyond our borders through trade agreements. Intellectual property can be any product of the mind

GoDaddy claims trademark infringement for Go-Daddy domain purchased from GoDaddy

Today I received a call from a gentlemen who wondered about my relationship to NoDaddy.com, a site that lambastes GoDaddy for its business practices. After I got to speaking to John, I was amazed at what was happening to him. John purchased GO-DADDY-DOMAINS.COM and GO-DADDY-DOMAIN.COM from… who else… GoDaddy.com. I’m not sure whether or not John was surprised that he was able to purchase the domains, but I was! If you’re wondering if John is