How the Symbiosis of Traditional and Digital Marketing Is Changing How We Buy Things

The marketing industry is deeply connected with human behaviors, routines, and interactions which implies following the digital transformation we’ve undergone over the last twenty-five years.  To keep us involved, organizations have responded to this change by making digital and social media communication strategies an essential component of their business marketing plans, yet it does not seem the traditional channels were abandoned. Traditional marketing mediums such as billboards, newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, or flyers alongside digital marketing and social

5 Advantages Agile Marketing Has Over Traditional Marketing Processes

As development organizations grew in size and scope, they started to have more and more problems. A large organization might do quarterly releases with hundreds of developers writing thousands of lines of code that worked well locally, but caused headaches and collisions downstream in quality assurance. Those collisions would lead to features being removed, delays to releases, and meetings up and down the chain of command to try and remove roadblocks. Agile methodologies offered a different

The Benefits of A Great Content Marketing Strategy

Why do we need content marketing? This is the question that so many people in this industry don’t answer well. Companies must have a robust content strategy because the majority of the purchase-decision making process has shifted, thanks to online media, before the prospect ever reaches for the phone, the mouse, or the front door to our businesses. In order for us to influence the purchase decision, it’s imperative that we ensure our brand is

Content Marketing Adoption, Tactics and Results in 2014

We’ve published the State of Content Marketing from Eloqua, the Current State of 2014 Content Marketing, and 2014 Content Marketing Trends… are you beginning to see a theme this year? This infographic from Uberflip illustrates the current state of content marketing among B2B and B2C businesses. Which tactics do marketers currently prefer? Are they seeing the results that they expect? What does the future look like? Check it out! This infographic takes a bit of

The Role of Digital Media in Marketing

As advertising moves to digital, marketers are working to calculate the optimal allocation of their marketing budgets. It’s not simply to reach all of their targets, it’s also to take advantage of the benefits of each medium to fully realize the marketing investment. This infographic illustrates the key data elements as well as the process that marketers utilize to get it right. Digital media is fast becoming a favorite with marketers. By 2017, digital advertising

Don’t forget online in your offline marketing!

Online consumer behavior is becoming invaluable to online marketers, but has been primarily missed with respect to offline entities.  Many companies who have retail stores, as well as online stores, treat the two audiences separately, missing an excellent opportunity to target and track the other. Advanced analytics applications such as WebTrends, Coremetrics, and Omniture have largely been treated as reporting systems but hold valuable consumer data that can be segmented and applied to specific visitors

Direct Mail that Works!

I’ve been meaning to write about this since before the New Year but I had to get the ‘ol scanner out to pull together these images of some direct mail I’ve received recently. The bottom line is that some direct mail still works. Here are 3 examples: Jack Hayhow sent me his book, The Wisdom of the Flying Pig. I think this is my actual first ‘gift’ as a blogger! I’ve got a couple books