The Strategies That Are Killing Your Content Marketing #CONEX

Yesterday I shared how much I learned about building ABM strategies at CONEX, a conference in Toronto with Uberflip. Today, they pulled out all of the stops by bringing in every marketing superstar the industry had to offer – Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Marcus Sheridan, Tamsen Webster, and Scott Stratten to name a few. However, the vibe wasn’t your typical content how-tos and tips. It’s just my opinion, but the discussion today was much more

Social Media Professionals Can’t Handle the Truth

I’ve been doing an experiment recently. A few years ago, I decided to be 100% transparent about my personal political, spiritual, and other beliefs on my Facebook page. That wasn’t the experiment… that was just me being me. My point wasn’t to offend others; it was simply to be truly transparent. After all, that’s what social media professionals keep telling us, right? They keep saying that social media offers this incredible opportunity to connect with