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    Event Promotion Checklist for Social Media

    Checklist: How and When To Effectively Promote Your Event on Social Media

    Planning and executing a successful event promotion on social media requires careful strategy and execution. To ensure your event reaches its full potential, here’s an in-depth guide incorporating previous discussions and additional strategies to help you maximize your social media efforts. Analyze Your Target Group: Before diving into promotional tactics, it’s crucial to understand your target audience. Conduct thorough research…

  • Public Relationsstop

    This is not an Influencer Marketing Strategy, Stop It!

    There’s so much noise on social media that it’s sometimes tough to keep up. I love the fact that I have a large following online and I try to engage and respond to everyone who makes a request. When it’s a company that I have previously communicated with, I especially make time and respond accordingly. That said, there’s a nefarious…

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    To Tweet or Not to Tweet

    A beginner’s guide to decide if Twitter is right for your digital strategy They don’t ‘get’ their users! Shares are down! It’s cluttered! It’s dying! Marketers – and users – have had plenty of complaints about Twitter recently. However, with over 330 million active users worldwide, the social media platform seems to be doing just fine. Usage has accelerated for…

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    An Open Letter to @Jack About Twitter

    Dear Jack, For a year now, I’ve joked that Twitter is like the girl I had a crush on in school that wouldn’t give me the time of day. One time we played spin the bottle in the basement, and she nudged the bottle to kiss the guy next to me that was a jerk. She broke my heart. And he…

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    twitter basics

    Twitter Basics: How To Use Twitter (for Beginners)

    It’s still too soon to call the demise of Twitter, although personally I feel as they continue to make updates that aren’t enhancing nor strengthening the platform. Most recently, they’ve removed the visible counts available through their social buttons on sites. I can’t imagine why and it appears that it could be having an adverse impact on overall engagement when…

  • Analytics & Testingnarratif

    Listen to What Matters on Twitter with Narratif

    Narratif has just launched its tool based on latent search technologies to sift through the tidal wave of Twitter conversations and provide meaningful trending data. Rather than providing dry, quantitative data about sentiment, number of retweets, etc., Narratif povides results formatted and condensed as ranked conversations (or stories) with influencers. The interface is simple, fast and nicely laid out. It…

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    How to Write the Perfect Tweet

    Aside from having something great to say, there is a pattern to writing a good tweet on Twitter. (Are you following me and the Martech Zone?). Gerry Moran has written a great post and put together a blueprint for publishing the perfect tweet. Gerry recommends three social media goals for your tweets… amplification, engagement and conversion. I couldn’t agree more!…

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