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  • Artificial IntelligenceAI Suggests: GenAI Content Writing Assistant

    AI Suggests: Generate Fresh, Unique Content With This Pay-As-You-Go AI Assistant

    The need for consistent, creative, and compelling content is paramount. I utilize several Generative AI (GenAI) platforms throughout my workday to research the content that I produce for Martech Zone and my clients. I’m not a copy-and-paste AI junkie, though. I believe these platforms do a great job at research and validation, but I ultimately want my voice in the…

  • Marketing Infographics
    social media infographic

    Infographic: 46% of Consumers Use Social Media in Purchase Decisions

    I want you to do a test. Go to Twitter and search for a hashtag related to your business and follow leaders that appear, go to Facebook and search for a group related to your industry and join it, then go to LinkedIn and join an industry group. Spend 10 minutes a day on each for the next week and…

  • Content MarketingScreen Shot 2013 07 18 at 5.50.22 PM

    Content Variety and Formats Drive Results

    Your audience varies. While you may appreciate a long-copy whitepaper, another prospect may simply want to review a feature list before they contact you for business. This great infographic from ContentPlus, a UK-based content marketing service, provides an overview of the variety of content offerings that exist, why they work, and some supporting data. They also have an accompanying blog…

  • Marketing Infographicssocial impact seo

    Is Social Impacting Search Rank?

    This is another one of those great arguments of causation versus correlation. Does getting social mentions directly impact your search engine ranking? Or is social a great barometer of activity on the web that generates other factors that influence ranking. Google and Facebook aren’t really friends at this point – with Microsoft having access to Facebook activity, it’s doubtful that…

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