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  • Analytics & TestingSupermetrics - export marketing data automatically

    Supermetrics: Automate Extracting Your Data From Virtually Any Marketing Platform

    It’s an unfortunate truth but a vast majority of SaaS providers don’t have a comprehensive reporting solution and/or lack the capabilities to extract or migrate the marketing data. As marketers struggle to coordinate their marketing strategies across a stack of solutions, they need a tool that can pull the necessary data so they can analyze across mediums and channels. Supermetrics…

  • Marketing ToolsDesignWizard

    Design Wizard: Create High-Quality Graphical Content in Minutes

    The pressure on marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs to produce high quality, original campaigns has never been as intense as it is right now. Without design knowledge and creative strategies it’s going be increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising standard. Design Wizard is an online graphic design software that offers people a quick, easy and affordable solution to…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingTwitter Ads Amplify

    I’m Testing Twitter’s New Amplification

    Twitter is testing a beta advertising program where they amplify your tweets. It’s $99 a month and you select the geography as well as some target categories. I’m still a fan of Twitter and I’m intrigued by this offering, so when I received the email asking me to join the beta I had to say yes. I wanted to share…

  • Advertising Technology
    twitter fail whale

    Hey Twitter, I Tried Ads and Here’s What Happened

    I’ve read mixed reviews on Twitter Advertising. Not having used it myself, I thought it might be worth giving a shot. I’d like to attract some more folks to the Marketing Technology Twitter account and I wanted to see whether some ads would help. I guess I don’t get to find out. Hey @TwitterAds, I tried to spend money with…

  • Advertising TechnologyMarketingIcons Cover blue

    Social Media Advertising and Small Business

    Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have all beefed up their advertising offerings. Are small businesses jumping on the social media advertising bandwagon? That was one of topics we explored in this year's internet marketing survey.

  • Content Marketingsearch distribution

    Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

    The folks at developed this infographic and named it Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014. I’m not sure I like that title… I don’t think companies should focus on building links anymore. Our local search experts at Site Strategics like to say that new strategies require earning links rather than actively building them. More importantly,…

  • Advertising TechnologyDepositphotos 37501209 s

    Social Media Advertising is a Failure

    When I got into traditional media marketing, I was immediately pulled into what could be accomplished with data. Data directed our testing and verbiage in direct marketing and advertising, gave us accurate reporting and measurement, and provided us with a much clearer picture of who they were, what they wanted, where they were, where they wanted and how they wanted…

  • Marketing Infographicsstate social ads

    The State of Social Ads

    While this infographic provides some insight into each social medium’s advertising platform, I wish it would take a step further and actually discuss what works well on these advertising platforms. For example, on Facebook – advertising that drives conversation and engagement on the company’s Facebook page – coupled with finite targeting of the applicable audience – drives the highest conversion…

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