TweetReach: How Far Did Your Tweet Travel?

Have you ever been curious about how a Tweet took off on Twitter, who retweeted it that drove a lot of attention, and what other accounts engaged with it? That was the exact question I was asking recently with a specific page that received a lot of attention. Using TweetReach, I pasted in the URL that I wished to see the history for and received a full report on the archive of the Tweet. Using

Create a Simple Twitter Campaign with IFTTT

This morning we posted about Twitter and some of the great advice they’re providing businesses. One of the key pieces of advice was to utilize a series of tweets to grow interest and promote a contest or events. If you don’t utilize a tool like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets (that’s our affiliate link), then you need an alternative for planning and scheduling out your tweets.Hootsuite even has a bulk uploader so you can plan

Offerpop: End-to-End Social Campaign Management

For brands, social engagement (and not the number of fans or followers) is the key to campaign effectiveness.  The best form of engagement, the type that would most likely lead to conversions, is voluntary engagement. Marketers can make that happen if they sync with the natural social behaviors of fans or followers rather than be something they are forced or obliged to respond to. Try Offerpop. This web based social marketing management tool supports the