How to Measure and Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

There’s not too much news on the Twitter front and I have yet to hear back from Jack on my Open Letter to Twitter. That said, I still use Twitter daily, find value amongst the deafening noise, and wish for it to succeed. Can you utilize Twitter to help promote your personal brand, corporate brand, products, or services? Of course! , and of those people, half followed through and shopped at the company’s store or website.

6 Advantages of Twitter for Promoting Your Brand

There are a lot of social media and technology pundits out there talking about the demise of Twitter. I’ll be honest that, despite the business rumblings, I still find incredible value in the platform. If someone from Twitter is reading this, here’s what I would do immediately to improve business results: Make users pay for automated tweets. Oh – I can hear the screams now, but if it were affordable, I’d pay to promote my

What We’ve Done to Increase Engagement on Twitter

This last year, we’ve worked hard on improving our engagement on Twitter. Rather than multiplying the conversations across our corporate blogging, marketing agency, marketing technology, and personal accounts, I’ve focused the strategy: I’ve retired the corporate blogging account. Content marketing is a focus of Martech so why have my audience split like that? Folks that are operating a corporate blog should have a wider marketing focus. I’ve focused the marketing account on sharing industry information,