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    To Tweet or Not to Tweet

    A beginner’s guide to decide if Twitter is right for your digital strategy They don’t ‘get’ their users! Shares are down! It’s cluttered! It’s dying! Marketers – and users – have had plenty of complaints about Twitter recently. However, with over 330 million active users worldwide, the social media platform seems to be doing just fine. Usage has accelerated for…

  • Marketing Infographics10 surprising social media facts cover

    10 Facts That Will Surprise You About Social Media

    One aspect of the social web that I love is the equal playing field it provides companies both small and large, as well as the fact that it’s still the Wild West. As long as we can keep regulators and government hands’ off of it, I’m sure it will continue to flourish. That said, I’m always miffed when I observe…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    company versus employee

    Who Owns Your Corporate Twitter Followers?

    Pretty interesting account on the New York Times of how Phonedog is suing a previous employee to gain access to the Twitter followers on the account he set up as part of their social media outreach. By current employment standards in the country, I suppose PhoneDog is fully within their rights… the work you do on company time is typically…

  • Content Marketing

    I just sent $1000 to Noah!

    Sorry for the late run on this! We sent a list of the entries to Ade with each entry having a random number associated (using the RAND function in Excel and then sorting the column). We then had Hannes select a random number within the 108 entries so Hannes would not know who the winner would be. The winner of…

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