4 Strategies Your Business Should Be Executing Using Social Media

There’s a lot of conversation about the impact or lack of impact of social media on B2C and B2B businesses. Much of it is downplayed because of the difficulty in attribution with analytics, but there’s no doubt that people are utilizing social networks to research and discover services and solutions. Don’t believe me? Visit Facebook right now and browse for people asking for social recommendations. I see them almost every day. In fact, . With

How to Drive Business with Twitter and Promoted Tweets

Twitter now offers a variety of campaigns to build a following, drive traffic and conversions to your site, install applications, acquire leads, or promote specific tweets. Promoted Tweets continue to pop up in my timeline on Twitter and in native Twitter applications. Your business should be leveraging Twitter’s best practices, but if you’re actually paying to promote a Tweet, there are specific things that you can do to improve the click-through rate of the promoted

Should Your Business be on Twitter?

Recently, Twitter revealed that Apple’s tight iOS integration of Twitter has boosted twitter signups by 25%. After years of avoiding it, I finally broke down and got the iPhone… I’ll write about that later. I love the tight integration on the iPhone with Twitter – I think I’m actually falling in love with Twitter all over again! More than 100 million people have flocked to Twitter since 2006, sharing stories, insights, and cat pictures. But

PHP: A Great Book and MVC Framework for PHP

The folks over at Packt Publishing had a recent post where they were encouraging PHP developers/bloggers to read a new book and blog about it. I really appreciate opportunities like this – the didn’t request any positive or negative posting, just an honest review of the book they provide (at no cost). The book I received is CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development, written by David Upton. My favorite book on PHP/MySQL is still PHP