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  • Email Marketing & AutomationMaropost Marketing Cloud - Multi-channel journeys for email, sms, web, and social media

    Maropost Marketing Cloud: Multi-Channel Automation For Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media

    A challenge to today’s marketers is to recognize that their prospects are all at different points in the customer journey. On the same day, you may have a visitor to your website who isn’t aware of your brand, a prospect who is researching your products and services to solve their challenge or an existing customer who is seeing if there…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingRepurpose House

    Repurpose House: Drive More Traffic and Leads With This Shareable Social Media Content Service

    Businesses, including mine, are constantly creating new and amazing content for their sites – including videos, podcasts, and articles. While creation is amazing, there’s typically a short lifecycle to that content over time… so the full return on investment on your content is never truly realized. It’s one of the reasons I push our clients to think more about developing…

  • Analytics & TestingTwitter Marketing and Analytics

    How to Measure and Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

    There’s not too much news on the Twitter front and I have yet to hear back from Jack on my Open Letter to Twitter. That said, I still use Twitter daily, find value amongst the deafening noise, and wish for it to succeed. Can you utilize Twitter to help promote your personal brand, corporate brand, products, or services? Of course! Fifty-seven…

  • Analytics & TestingTwitter

    To Tweet or Not to Tweet

    A beginner’s guide to decide if Twitter is right for your digital strategy They don’t ‘get’ their users! Shares are down! It’s cluttered! It’s dying! Marketers – and users – have had plenty of complaints about Twitter recently. However, with over 330 million active users worldwide, the social media platform seems to be doing just fine. Usage has accelerated for…

  • Marketing Infographicstwitter power user cheatsheet

    6 Advantages of Twitter for Promoting Your Brand

    There are a lot of social media and technology pundits out there talking about the demise of Twitter. I’ll be honest that, despite the business rumblings, I still find incredible value in the platform. If someone from Twitter is reading this, here’s what I would do immediately to improve business results: Make users pay for automated tweets. Oh – I…

  • Analytics & TestingDepositphotos 64040231 s

    What Measures Marketers Need to Take to Succeed Online

    The 21st century has the seen the emergence of so many technologies that enable us to successfully market businesses in a more integrated and impactful way compared to the past. From blogs, e-commerce stores, online marketplaces to social media channels, the web has become a public arena of information for customers to search and consume. For the first time, the…

  • Marketing & Sales Videos

    Clicky launches Google Gadget

    If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Clicky Web Analytics. It’s simply a fantastic, light-weight, no-nonsense Web Analytics program that is great for blogging. I loved it so much that I even wrote the WordPress plugin for it! Now comes the iGoogle Clicky Dashboard by Scott Falkingham from Curious Concept: Take…

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