Business Strategies in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter has relaunched their Business center and added a new, fantastic video. I love the messaging and the graphic design – it paints such a clear picture of Twitter and how businesses can utilize the tool in real-time to find, respond and promote their business. The basics include connect with the right people, find out more about who’s on Twitter and how to reach them, understand your results with analytics, integrate your marketing efforts with

Increase Blog Traffic by Reviving Old Blog Posts

Although I’m nearing 2,000 blog posts on Martech Zone, it doesn’t mean that all the hard work I’ve poured into each post is recognized. Few people realize it, but it is possible to revive old blog posts and get new traffic. This week a new product hit the market that’s incredible for reviving old blog posts. (It can also be used on web pages, too, of course). SEOPivot analyzes the pages of your site and