The Social Media Lifecycle

This infographic really matches the strategy that we deploy for our clients in our social media agency: Monitoring – we monitor both brand and industry to track our clients. Analyze – we analyze the brand to identify any issues of reputation and sentiment. We analyze the ndustry to find opportunities, monitor competitors and help develop strategies. Collaborate – leveraging the mediums throughout all of your strategies is key. Promotion of one medium through the other,

Parallels and Leopard: A Must Have for the Business Mac User

With a many business applications running off of Microsoft, Mac is still a pain in the butt to run in the business setting. The newest Operating System upgrade from Apple offers some relief with BootCamp, an application that allow you to dual-boot an Intel-based Mac in either OSX or in Windows. Dual booting, for the most part, is really like running two different computers off the same hardware, though. Bootcamp is fine, but switching back