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  • Sales and Marketing Traininglean canvas model explained instructions

    The Lean Canvas Model: A Tool for Strategic Business Clarity

    Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, a leadership team navigating corporate waters, or an entrepreneur just starting, the journey from idea to successful execution is fraught with challenges. A common pitfall is the myopic focus on the product or service offering, with inadequate consideration of the market’s realities. That’s where the Lean Canvas Model steps in as a corrective lens…

  • Content MarketingWhat is a Brand Strategy?

    The Essence of an Effective Branding Strategy and Its Multifaceted Dimensions

    A brand strategy can be defined as a long-term plan that a business establishes to develop a successful brand that achieves specific goals. It embodies a company’s mission, values, promises, and how it communicates them to the audience, with the primary aim of fostering a unique, consistent identity in the market. To clarify, a brand strategy is not about a…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to achieve specific marketing goals and objectives using various online channels, mediums, and technologies. It involves identifying target audiences, setting marketing objectives, and leveraging digital platforms and tools to engage, convert, upsell, and retain customers. A well-designed digital marketing strategy can help businesses build brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and improve…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow To Develop A Unique Value Proposition

    How to Develop A Compelling Unique Value Proposition

    One of the constant battles I struggle with companies is to stop thinking about what they do and start thinking about why people use their product or service. I’ll give you a quick example… day to day, you’ll find me recording and editing podcasts, writing integration code, implementing third-party solutions, and training my clients. Blah, blah, blah… that’s not why…

  • Content MarketingYour value proposition is not what you do

    Your Value Proposition Is NOT What You DO

    My daughter is a recent graduate who is making waves in the public relations and event management space. I’m incredibly proud of her, and perhaps the best part of my week is when she stops by to “talk shop” with me. Kait recently shared that she’d learned about a company that was struggling to get traction despite some amazing work…

  • Content MarketingBailiwick

    What’s Your Bailiwick?

    Understanding and effectively describing one’s authority is paramount in sales and marketing. How a brand, person, product, or service conveys authority can significantly impact its success and reputation. bailiwicknoun, pronounced [bey-luh-wik] A person’s specific area of interest, skill, or authority. The office or district of a bailiff. Dictionary Describing your bailiwick and your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) are related concepts,…

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