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  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingHistory of Text Messaging (SMS, MMS, Texting)

    The History of Text Messaging (Updated for 2023)

    In today’s world, texting is a ubiquitous form of communication, but it had humble beginnings. Let’s journey through the history of texting, highlighting the key milestones highlighted in the beautiful series of infographics below from SimpleTexting. 1992: The First Text Message On December 3, 1992, in the U.K., the first-ever text message was sent. Engineer Neil Papworth sent the message…

  • Search MarketingUpCity B2B Service Provider Directory

    UpCity: A Trusted B2B Service Provider Directory

    Building a strong online presence and establishing credibility is crucial for B2B service providers. One platform that stands out as a valuable resource for service providers is UpCity. With its mission to connect businesses with trusted service providers, UpCity offers a range of benefits that can help B2B service providers thrive in their respective industries. B2B service companies that should…

  • Ecommerce and Retail2Checkout Global Payment Processing

    2Checkout: Scale Your Payment Processing Globally To Maximize Revenue

    If you’ve never had the opportunity to integrate a payment processing solution, you’re in for quite the learning experience. Payment processors have a range of features and offerings… from fees, how long your payments are held, to the user’s checkout experience, global support, fraud prevention, as well as the quality of tools for you to monitor revenue. 2Checkout is a…

  • Ecommerce and RetailBritish Buying Behavior

    Marketers: Recognize These Behaviours Central to British Buying

    Did you see what I did there? This Midwesterner used the British spelling of behaviour rather than behavior. I just wanted to prove to everyone how worldly I am… or not. I’ve actually never been to the United Kingdom despite Scottish and British heritage on my Mum’s side of the family. (See that? I did it again!) Ok, humour aside…

  • Ecommerce and Retail
    secure ecommerce payment solutions

    The Impact of Secure Payment Solutions on Online Shopping

    When it comes to online shopping, the behavior of the shopper really comes down to some critical elements: Desire – whether or not the user needs or wants the item that’s being sold online.Price – whether or not the item’s cost is overcome by that desire.Product – whether or not the product is as advertised, with reviews often aiding in…

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