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  • CRM and Data Platforms
    Bugsnag: Bug Reporting Database and Prioritization Platform for Application Development

    BugSnag: Real-Time Bug Reporting and Prioritization For Application Development

    Creating and maintaining web applications is a constant challenge. As developers strive to provide seamless and bug-free user experiences, identifying and addressing bugs becomes critical to their work. This is where BugSnag, a robust error monitoring and reporting platform, steps in to streamline the bug reporting process and enhance the overall performance of web applications. The Challenge of Bug Reporting…

  • Content MarketingRoyalty-Free HD Stock Video, Visual Effects, and Video Plugin Subscriptions from ProductionCrate

    ProductionCrate: Subscribe To This One-Stop Shop Of HD Royalty-Free Stock Video, Visual Effects, And Plugins

    Video production can be a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive process. Even if you have the best equipment and editing software, you still typically need to find high-quality stock video, audio, and video effects to make your videos look and sound their best. ProductionCrate is a subscription-based service that provides filmmakers and video creators access to high-quality stock video, audio, and…

  • Marketing InfographicsWhat is Virtual Reality? Infographic

    What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual reality deployment for marketing and e-commerce continues to rise. As with all emerging technologies, adoption gives way to the reduction in costs surrounding the deployment of the technology’s strategies and virtual reality is no different. Tools for developing virtual realities are The global market for virtual reality is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to reach $44.7 billion by…

  • Marketing ToolsMicrosoft Visual Studio Code

    Is Visual Studio Code The Best OSX Code Editor On The Market?

    Every week I spend time with a good friend of mine, Adam Small. Adam is a great developer… he’s developed an entire real estate marketing platform that has incredible features – even just adding direct-to-mail options for his agents to send postcards without even having to design them! Like me, Adam has developed across the spectrum of programming languages and…

  • Advertising TechnologyChartio Dashboard

    Chartio: Cloud-Based Data Exploration, Charts and Interactive Dashboards

    Few dashboard solutiosnhave the ability to connect to just about everything, but Chartio is doing a great job with a user interface that’s easy to jump into. Businesses can connect, explore, transform, and visualize from just about any data source. With so many disparate data sources and marketing campaigns, it’s difficult for marketers to get a full-view into the lifecycle…

  • Content Marketing

    Quark Promote Offers Hybrid Solution for Your Business Publishing Needs

    Quark has launched a hybrid web application that incorporates professional templates along with a new desktop software, Quark Promote. It’s a pretty interesting model… download the Windows-based application and you can begin editing and uploading your marketing materials. Once your materials are uploaded, you can have them printed and distributed locally through a network of publishers. The service allows you…

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