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    Education at the Speed of Technology

    Last night I was given the opportunity to speak to the CIT 499 class at IUPUI for Dr. Thomas Ho. It was an engaged class, composed of some students that hadn’t entered the workplace, some who had, and some who were currently working in technology. In speaking to them, I simply shared my experiences on how businesses are beginning to…

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    Is Education The Answer?

    I asked a question on Ask 500 People that received an interesting response. My question was: Are colleges just an organized means of passing ignorance from one generation to the next? First, let me explain that I worded the question to really spark a response – it’s called link-baiting and it worked. Some of the immediate responses I received were…

  • Content MarketingBlogging to save lives

    Would Your Company Blog If Your Life Depended On It?

    Some folks think bloggers are hunkered down in our basements with boxes of pizza and Mountain Dew everywhere. There’s another view of bloggers that you might not be aware of. Bloggers are social people who crave communication (and sometimes attention!). Today, I had a fantastic discussion with a local business group. I had the opportunity to discuss my experiences with…

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